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Today’s blog post features a very unique watch. We found this watch especially interesting because of the material that it’s strap is comprised of. We rarely see watches designed in this manner, thus it peaked our interest.

The watch we are speaking of was created by the designer company “Misaki”. They tend to use a lot of pearls when crafting their jewelry, but we were quite surprised when we seen this unique watch of theirs. The strap is crafted with a blend of faux pearls (very durable) and stainless steel. This creates a very elegant and classic style, that is sure to bring attention to the watch and owner.

Another very different feature of this watch is the fact that it has no seconds hand, this is seen from time to time in watches that want to make a statement. Provided below are a number of pictures of this item.

Please let us know what you think of this unique watch by leaving a comment. Also if you wish to view this item further or purchase this item, please visit the below link: