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Starting today, any poll we put up on our Facebook page, will have a draw attached to it. We plan on doing one poll a week. Polls will start at the beginning of the week and draws will be made on Sunday! Draw prizes will be for a gift certificate at “All Things Luxury”, and in the form of a $10.00 virtual gift certificate or higher! No strings attached, just free money!

Casting a vote in the poll will get you automatically entered into the draw, if you make a valid comment about the poll, that will get you a second entry into the draw! Max of two entries per person.

So partake and have fun! That is whole point! And start looking at www.allthingsluxury.biz to see what you can / will spend your free gift certificate on!

*P.S: Winners will be announced on Sunday, on our Facebook page “All Things Luxury” and also a private message will be sent to the winning member. Thanks for partaking!