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The following is a very important article for anyone that is looking to purchase a piece of jewelry that contains pearls, in the near future. These tips could save you, or someone you know a boatload of money.

“How can you tell the difference between a real pearl and a fake one? Most people just choose well known jewelry stores and look at the price, since it is hard to tell the physical difference. However, an experienced jeweler can easily tell whether one item is authentic or not. There are small tests you can take your pearls through just to see if you have a truly authentic pearl.

The tooth test is the most common one. Every pearl lover knows about it, yet only a few know what to actually look for. Rub the pearl to one of your teeth. If it feels  sandy, then it is authentic. If it is fine and delicate, like rubbing a glass, then you are dealing with an imitation. The rubbing test also works with two different pearls. Rub one against the other and if they feel sandy, they are most likely real.

The magnifying test consists of looking at a pearl through a magnifying glass. If the pearl is granulated, it is a fake, while if you see a labyrinth, it is real. There is also the perfection test. Fake manufacturers make the mistake to create perfect fake pearls, but there are no such things. Every pearl has small imperfections. If it looks perfect, without a single sign, you have a fake sample in front of you. While you examine the pearls, take a closer look at the overall appearance too. The pearls in a necklace will never be identical and there will always be small differences in “build” and nuance.

These are basic tests anyone can take, but a good fake manufacturer can still trick you, therefore opting for a professional jeweler to examine your pearl jewelry is the best idea.”

Just to add one more tidbit of knowledge to this article, please be aware of the difference between “faux pearls” and “authentic pearls”. Faux pearls are imitation pearls, this term is accepted in the business and are very common. Faux pearls can be very beautiful in there own right, but consumers should know the difference. Happy hunting!

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