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Todays post is about Tahitian Pearls, these pearls are coveted World Wide for there unique look and luster. Here are a few Questions and Answers that we acquired from “Perles de Tahiti” that should answer anything you ever wanted to know about Tahitian Pearls:

Question 1What is French Polynesia’s trade designation reserved exclusively for cultured pearls obtained from a grafting of the French Polynesia’s cultivated Pinctada margaritifera, variety cumingi pearl oyster?

It is: Tahiti Cultured Pearl.

Question 2How many classification criteria are there, list them?

There are 5. These are: size, shape, luster, surface purity and color.

Question 3What is the definition of luster?

It is the quality of the light reflections from the pearl’s surface.

Question 4According to French Polynesia’s official classification, what are the different pearl quality categories? Which is the most valuable and pricy?

There are Quality A, Quality B, Quality C and Quality D. The most valuable and pricy is Quality A.

Question 5What is the minimum legal nacre layer thickness imposed for exports and commercialisation of Tahiti Cultured Pearls?

Either exported or commercialised Tahiti Cultured Pearls must have at least a nacre layer thickness of 0,8 mm.

Question 6What causes the colors of Tahiti Cultured Pearls?

The type of host oyster, the quality of nacre, the environment they grow in, the color of tissue from the mantle inserted with the nucleus.

Question 7How many and when international auctions are organized in Tahiti?

There are 3 international auctions in Tahiti: in March, June and October every year.

Question 8Why is a pearl compared to a living being?

A pearl is compared to a living being because it comes from a living organism and it contains water and protein, making it sensitive to chemicals, acids and heat.

Question 9Give 3 examples of care do’s.

-Put pearls on after applying cosmetics, perfumes and other personal care products.
-Wipe pearls with a soft damp or dry cloth after each wearing.
-Dampen pearls with water from time to time and polish them with a drop of oil.

Question 10Give 3 examples of care don’t’ s.

-Never use commercial jewelry cleaners unless it is specifically made for pearls.
-Never use ultrasonic and steam cleaners.
-Pearls shouldn’t be stored in boxes for long periods of time.

As you know by now, we at “All Things Luxury” like to have informed customers, so we hope this post expanded your knowledge just a little bit more. Thanks for reading!

– Source for top ten questions: http://www.perlesdetahiti.net/site/en/621.html